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Vonnyborq Company Limited has 90% strength in building and civil works construction, road construction, architecture designs and project management.

Our role in the building and construction industry is to provide state of the arts modern facilities making use of advanced technology and best human practices with greater consideration for the environment and its people. Currently, our estate houses have been designed and built to suit modern architecture with effective use of quality but affordable materials. This gives us unique standing on the market and makes us the best bet for any project.

Today, our services span across all 10 regions of Ghana and beyond.

Building and Civil Work Construction

We design and build for you. Every work to us is a project and we handle it with utmost care. From small to large size projects, we ensure that your taste is met. Create detail schedule and resources plan to meet client's project objective

Communicate clearly with all project stakeholders

Track project progress and fine tune deviations

Supervise closely on quality of work done

Complete and commission the project on time

Road Construction
Real Estate Development
Architectural and Engineering Design

We design and build. Our team comprises experts with over 20years in the architectural industry.

They have grown with trends and you can be sure of modern trends to suit your taste

Estimating and Land Survey
Structural Analysis
Geometric Design
Sale Of Properties

We have wide range of beautifully designed with state of the arts furnished buildings for sale.

We also have registered litigation free lands for sale.

Traffic Impact Assessment